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Your first journey to the RX09 stellar system is about to start ! All NFT holders have access our mobile hack & slash minigame. Defeat the Zuraï Naghod mercenary, learn new skills, upgrade your tech and win Huuldayen, the living monolith and first Artefact NFT.


RX09 is an action RPG with top-down exploration, real-time sideview fighting, quests, weapons, skills, equipment, artefacts, hoverers, and spaceships. Level up your knights, evolve their weapons, and become the greatest fighter in the galaxy !

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You play as a young Kermian who leaves his hometown and must learn to fight in x0-knights to survive. x0-knights are power armors/weapons derived from the gear and DNA of the Knights of Algorand. They were created to protect the ever-increasing number of nodes when Algorand started expanding beyond the Milky Way. Build your arsenal and embark on an odyssey across the stellar system !


RX09 x Meld Gold : the in-game currency will be GOLD$. This third-party token is pegged to the value of 1 gram of gold. This means that the rewards you will earn by completing quests in the game are backed by physical gold. More information :

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  • x0-knights : ARC19 NFTs derived from ARC69 Knights of Algorand NFTs. They will inherit metadata including rarity score, weapon and equipment. Knights of Algorand holders will be able to get these for free.

  • Voyagers : hoverers, spaceships and starships to explore the world.

  • Artefacts : Order of the True Block holders will get one Artefact per OTB Knight.

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Fighting Minigame

1 knight vs 1 opponent - accessible to all KOA holders. The purpose of this demo is to showcase the fighting system and start getting community feedback.

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Fighting beta & x0-knights redeeming

We want to enable you to use your own Knights in-game as soon as possible. With this release, holders will be able to redeem x0-knights NFTs corresponding to their KOA NFTs and wear them in combat.

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RPG beta

Beta launch of the RPG integrating the fighting system.

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RPG release

Official launch of RX09 Chapter 1 : the free-to-play RPG with NFTs required to not die instantly in combat, unlock areas, quests and explore the cosmos.

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